Some menu items are not always available and subject to change during the season, please check the QR code for availability.
BBQ pork buns
Steamed bun with Chinese BBQ pork
Beef Noodle Soup
Taiwanese style Beef shank noodle soup
Chk Dumplings 10pc
Chicken/vegetable dumplings with MIT savory ginger sauce
Chop chop salad (GF)
Mixed cabbage/carrots with GF creamy mayo vinaigrette
Cold tofu top with spring onions/cilantro bonito flakes and soy paste.
Cold silky tofu top with spring onions/cilantro bonito flakes and soy paste.
Pork & Vegetables, served with MIT savory ginger sauce and fried shallots
Minced pork rice
Braised minced pork
Minced pork stew over noodles
Slow braised pork stew with 5 spice/white peppers/shallots/soy over Noodles
Pig Ears
Spicy braised pig ears
Pork Belly Bao
Braised Pork Belly with soft slightly sweet Bao bun topped with peanut powder, pickled mustard green and cilantro
Roasted Peanuts
With MIT seasoning. Great with a pint of Postdoc Alpha Factor
Sticky Rice
Savory Sweet sticky rice with sausage, shallots, shiitake mushrooms, dried shrimp, ginger. Limited Quantity
Taiwanese style noodle with Peanut/Sesame Sauce
Noodle with peanut/sesame topped with carrots/cilantro/peanuts/white pepper/sesame seeds
Taiwanese style sausage
Bbq grilled and served with pickled cabbage (GF)
Tea eggs
Braised Tea egg
Wintermellon Tea
Wintermellon Ice tea